Sjaak waited a good hour for Paul.

What makes you laugh like that?

They kept running.

I don't want to be involved in that matter.

The poor dog was literally torn apart by the lion.

Dean looked mystified.

Shall I send a few books for her?

They scanned the spaceship with a probe.

All of a sudden, I remembered that I couldn't pay for so many books.

Her new novel has become a best seller.

I haven't the power to change the world.

Gordon is former FBI.

Did you find out who did it?

How did you get Gypsy to quit drinking?

The communist got his dependable supporter at last.

Enough, I said.

You lied to us.

Sometimes first offenders are in need of help.

I only have American coins.

Mother is busy cooking the dinner.

My grandfather predeceased my great-grandfather.


John has everything that he wants.

Tiefenthal cannot have done such a thing.

I've never been able to talk to Hurf.

It's a dictionary.

I don't have the energy for this tonight.


I'm going in first.

Please send this by special delivery.

It's getting there.

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I had hardly finished my meal when my friend phoned me and invited me out for dinner.

Your purse is similar to mine.

Take a look at the books I bought.

Tao's medication's not in the bathroom.

The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.

I couldn't connect to the network.

He said her mother doesn't love him.

I also teach English to them.

Everyone except Tahsin and Al left.

This medicine renews your strength.

"Do you have a pen?" "Yes, I have one."

Watch me chug this beer.

Isn't it beautiful?


In the western Antarctic Peninsula region of the Bellinghausen Sea, temperatures are rapidly warming, and changes in the marine ecosystem are underway.

This morning I have solved the problem, but maybe there are still further problems.

It's grammatically correct, but a native would never say it like that.

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The plane arrived at Itami Airport on time.

The debate will happen tonight.

We'll consult him.

I look forward to eating japanese food.

Sappho was a famous Lesbian poet.

I met nice people.

We started talking on Facebook.

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I used to own a sports car.

I'm actually doing quite well.

Don't release that dog.

She has a sharp nose.

Three years have passed since I was in Boston.

Do you think you can do that without any help?

We'll give you one more chance.


Hal said that he didn't understand French.

I am saving as much as I can.

I have an extremely tight schedule for tomorrow.


What shall we say to this? Anything else than to agree?


Do you know the difference between twill and corduroy?


We went to work at sunrise, and quit work between sundown and dark.

It was a perfect morning.

Everything you want is there.

Charleen kept his eyes on Case.

Do you think I enjoyed that?

I don't believe he's a lawyer.

She was expelled from the school.

It makes me feel better.

He may have missed the train.

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Lynne is pretty good at telling jokes.

Man flows at once to God when the channel of purity is open.

A dolphin is no more a fish than a dog is.

Marsh is from a foreign country.

That's how I came to know her.

I really liked it.

You can't let him go outside.

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We went to Boston for a few days.


It's a special time for us.

It's difficult choosing between what's right and what's wrong, but you have to make the choice.

No matter what happens, you must not give up.

As far as the eye could reach, nothing was to be seen but sand.

I wish Clay had asked us to help him.


She's inquisitive by nature.

I think Elijah is dishonest.

Everything happens the way it's supposed to happen.

Jessie stared at Jordan in dead silence.

I need cigarettes.

You have to get up early.

One should always give something to beggars.


She just texted me.

We all know him.

Why don't you go with us?

Most of the Finnish people are very friendly to Chinese people.

It is difficult to be nobody.

I don't think Joshua is the only one who had to go to the hospital.

Why can't an ostrich fly?


Chuck likes eating raw carrots.

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I'd like to play a game of golf.


Who is the manager of that baseball team?

We have decisions to make.

I would like to improve my Spanish.

Michelle threatened to leave Brender.

Shawn downed his drink and left.

December is the last month of the secular calendar.

Could you help me on that?

She lied about it.

Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?


What's the best advice you've ever received?

She has undertaken too much work.

In Esperanto there is only a single declension. One can learn it in less than 15 minutes.

She knows five languages, but when she wants to swear, she does so in her maternal language.

Read the book out loud.


With your children away, you must have a lot of free time.

I'm only telling the truth.

Here's the file you asked for.

He tried very hard to live up to his parents expectations.

I don't mind if you smoke.

He's a crude man.

She is dark-skinned.

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If you understand, raise your hand.

They've stopped selling those.

Getting there on time won't be a problem.

You promised me you'd talk to Sandeep.

He went on talking as though nothing had happened.

They sent agents to agitate the local people.

Pamela explained the rules to Rudolf.


He tried to save something from his travel expenses.

He achieved his aim of studying abroad.

What matters is the way the public perceives you.


Writing is useful.

How are you doing there?

The present they bought is for themselves.


They say dogs hear better than us. You think it's true?

I won't let anyone hurt Vassos.

The other girls teased her about her clothes.

Polly has over three million dollars deposited in that bank.

I think I've answered all your questions.

He is American to the soles of his feet.

I wish you and your family a very happy Easter.

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I'm punctual.

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Stop fussing over me. I'm fine.

What kinds of movies do you like to watch?

I won't quit until we find out who's responsible.

Why would I be nervous?

My sister has difficulty qualifying for a credit card.


She is always annoying me with her complaints.


Nicholas is in great danger.

I don't know when my mother will come back.

What's gotten into Alan?

Whether you pass the Chinese exam or not, let's go to the bar to drink beer.

Lievaart used to dream about marrying Think.

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Dan entered the courtroom.

The policeman ran after the thief shouting "Stop!".

I had no idea who she was.

The American government has always regarded England as America's house pet.

I wish to speak to her.

We're doing it together.

Jeannie said he appreciated that.

Can I start tomorrow?

Every mother's dream is for her son to be a doctor or a lawyer.

As long as a bear is relatively inactive, and is not exposed to wind, it does not burn excessive energy in cold weather.

Courtney definitely would've liked you.


Something must've spooked her.

Birds are singing here and there in the park.

He prefers not to talk about it.