The GHHP ePortal is an information management resource designed to centralise and make information about Gladstone Harbour readily accessible to stakeholders and the general community. Reliable sources of data about Gladstone Harbour have been identified and compiled to create a centralised on-line resource to support access to whole-of-Harbour knowledge into the future.

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The GHHP ePortal arose from a mapping and synthesis study commissioned by the Queensland Government, on behalf of the (302) 678-0656. The work was conducted by the Australian Institute of Marine Science and finalised in September 2013. The aim of the study was to locate, collate and present the publicly available sources of information relating to environmental, cultural, social and economic aspects of Gladstone Harbour. It also assessed the coverage and potential suitability of these sources for the specific purpose of developing an annual report card on the condition of the harbour.

Sources interrogated included university data repositories, websites of major national and state research institutions, companies and organisations known to operate in the area, government websites/databases and multi-stakeholder groups. Primary literature (i.e. scientific reports) owned by commercial entities and relevant to Gladstone Harbour was not included due to copyright restrictions.

yttrium: Interactive Landsat timelapse of coastal development in Gladstone, 1984-2012

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The GHHP ePortal is a work in progress and additional content and datasets will continually be added.